Patch Notes Fleet Carriers Update Patch 2 - Downtime and Patch Notes

New patch. What is inside of it really - beside the official notes? Time to discover...
So, no fix for the Megaship & Installation Piracy issue? With cargo not being ejected from cargo bays?

Considering the scenarios built around that, that's a significant part of gameplay which is (and continues to be) broken.

Maybe in the next patch, FD?
Sorry, apparently FD has been fully occupied by correcting bugs linked to the new toys and cutting down the recent exploits (and unintentionally introducing new bugs... and possible exploits). The rest of the universe/old toys can wait. I'll recheck some other reported issues when I'll be in game.
A Average is a Average thats simple math how can it be changed? And + / - 1000% stays the same lol, whatever you mean only think i can think of is FD Average is not a real Average
Median, Mode, Mean are the three different "simple" averages, all giving different answers, but it's likely that what they're talking about is they've adjusted the weighting on an already weighted average to better reflect that since no-one's interested in selling at rock-bottom prices, the average shouldn't be dragged down by many systems having them, as people are far more interested in seeing "the mean price in systems I would actually bother selling at".
Thanks for the info Bruce and thank you to all the developers working on the patch. When can we send you Pizza?

The 2 following bugs that affected me have been fixed along with a load of other bugs so I'm very happy.
  • Fixed an issue which stopped Squadron Bookmarks appearing.
  • Fixed a bug which meant that selected Fleet Carrier paint jobs would be removed when entering an instance.
BGS is broken. Squadron panel reports different influence compared to galaxy map. Some communication on when this will be resolved?
The galaxy map is showing stale data for some systems, not all though. Check local news in station services for up to date info, that seems to be fine.
Fleet Carriers
  • Setting a price for a commodity in the market management screen is now much faster.
  • Players can now use "-" when entering ship IDs.
  • Fixed an issue that placed Fleet Carriers in the barycentre when jumping to a binary system, even if space was present around the primary star.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Fleet Carrier landing pads to be displaced.
  • Removed superpower faction logos from Fleet Carriers.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented SRVs from being restocked at Fleet Carriers.
  • Fixed the timing so that when transferring a ship to a carrier the "Incoming Message" audio now plays at the same time as the message arrives rather than immediately upon requesting the transfer.
  • Fixed a problem with stolen mission cargo getting stuck after being sold to a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed an issue positioning Fleet Carriers near stellar bodies with highly eccentric orbits.
  • Fixed some issues with bookmarking Fleet Carriers.
  • Fixed an issue with Limpets sometimes not being restockable at a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed an issue with Fleet Carrier shipyards incorrectly interacting with Powerplay control system effects.
  • Fixed an issue causing ship inventory numbers to be displayed incorrectly after selling items to a Fleet Carrier.

Galaxy Map
  • Fixed an issue which stopped Squadron Bookmarks appearing.

Stability Changes
  • Fixed an Orange Sidewinder connection issue when dropping into an instance with a Starport and Carrier Vendor.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Commodity Market on a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed a crash when entering Holo-Me customisation at a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed a crash when purchasing a Fleet Carrier and immediately viewing it in the galaxy map.
  • Fixed a bug which meant that selected Fleet Carrier paint jobs would be removed when entering an instance.
At last, the patch I was waiting for! :)

I guess I still have time to cancel my carrier decommision.

So.. I'm just in middle of making a release for Q2 here at work right now. It's been 2 weeks of testing and polishing the last bugs, in middle of 3rd test "fresh" install. It's a normal process that any dev company makes.
So... How the hell can FDev with EVERY patch mess up so badly? Do you EVEN test your own code? We're not talking about those hidden bugs, it's the basics.
As a long time fan of FDev, I think it's time to rethink some things internaly, this is getting out of hand.
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