Flight Control Panel Solutions


I'm really enjoying playing this game with a HOTAS, but it is a bit annoying (and somehow interrupts the feel of actual flying) controlling many functions via Keyboard.
I was wondering what solutions (whether its sofrware or hardware) you are using. Do you have some reccomendations or some good tutorials for some useful DIY-projects?
I use 2 different options that are less muscle memory and more visual. I bought a stream deck XL recently as well as just picking up a surface pro 7. I use gameglass for the surface and my 2014 edition Note 10.1 and a few plugins in the tools section to run the stream deck XL.
I have 2 Thrustmaster Cougar MFD panels - basically a load of buttons around a dummy MFD panel (with lights).

Some people have touch-screens or just small displays in them - there are at least two threads offering this sort of function in the Player Tools sub-forum:

If you're not wedded to the joystick you're using, the VKB Gladiator-K has loads of buttons on both the stick and base. (The pic is of the standard model, the premium model replaces the thumb button with a hat and one of the other hats with a mini-stick)
Thank you for your answers, I will surely consider some of these ideas :) For now I found a quick and very well working solution using an the Android app "Matric" running on tablet.
There's a couple of neat solutions which allow you to use a phone or tablet as a touchpad for key Elite: Dangerous functions.

GameGlass: https://gameglass.gg/pages/elite-dangerous

Panels for iOS/Android: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/release-panels-for-ios-android-coming-soon-alternative-to-roccat-power-grid.412067/
(not sure if this is still supported)

There was also Roccat Powergrid but I have a hunch that's definitely not supprted any more.

The other thing to say is that, depending on your HOTAS, it may well be possible to get pretty much every single binding onto the stick. I use the Thrustmaster T.Flight stick which is quite cheap and definitely on the low side re: number of buttons. What I do is use the 4 buttons next to my thumb on the throttle stick as modifiers. For example, with the hat stick on the right I have 4 unmodified functions, then with the 1st modifier held down, another 4, and so on. That gives me 20 functions on the hat stick alone. To bind a modifier combination in controls you just select the function you want to want, then hold down your desired modifier and then click the button you want modified.
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