Forza-Inspired Photo Mode

Hey All,

So this is a suggestion following a discussion I had with a gentleman at my workplace a couple of weeks ago.

We were discussing photography, and it turned out that a large chunk of the photography he was interested in was in-game screenshots. When I asked him what he played and why he enjoyed it, he mentioned Forza and some other games, and proceeded to explain how these modes give you control of things like aperture and exposure. I proceeded to experiment with a similar mode to this on Far Cry 5, and found that, again, there were enhanced options to get stunning screenshots.

I wonder if this would be something possible for JWE in the far future? I certainly feel as though, as a console player, that my screenshot potential is sometimes limited - and an addition like this would really level the playing field in my opinion!

Perhaps label it 'Enhanced Capture Mode' so you still have the basic version, already implemented, for people who want a more easy-to-access interface.

Just an idea, as you all know how much I love creating content based on this game. :)

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