FPS Drops when I use the UI to select rides, shops, props, etc...


I haven't played Planet Coaster in a while because I had lag before (fps drops) when I was trying to build a coaster and it was really annoying. It seems like this issue has been fix but now, has I mentionned, I have fps drops whenever the UI menu is up. I made some videos sadly you can't see the fps but I guess you understand visually. I turn around 144 so my max and 100+ most of the time but when I try to select a new ride, shop, whenever I need to use that UI menu I drop around 40 fps, it creates a big stutter that is unpleasant. whenever I drop, place, edit an object, ride or shop etc it creates a stutter aswell.

Sorry for the musics in those videos ahah. Didn't notice I had volume record aswell.

In the video called 1 : you can see the fps is really bad when i scroll through the menu or either just use it.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QwmtvwLYH0

In the video called 2 : it's harder to see but near the end the kart approaches and you can see that placing object makes my game stutter, fps drop.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTciDmj0wZ0

In the video called 3: Finaly in this one it's hard to see again sorry my fps counter didn't register with the video but if you pay attention to the birds here and there you can also see that is causes stutter - fps drops to use those menu.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS6Gskp-ZZk

for the DxDiag I didn't understand how to put it in quotes or that text box so I send the files, Hope it's good like this :)


40 fps is nothing to complain about in this game IMHO.

Your video's are unavailable.

For me, the same happens, but it's only a fraction of a second.
the problem is not that I have 40 fps it's that I drop frome 120-140 to 40 and it creates horrible stutter all the times. Might not be an issue for you but it is one for me. I'll make the video available.
I'm not saying it's not an issue. I'm only saying it happens with me too for a split second.

I think you should post this as a bug report.

Edit: I can now see the video's. And I only noticed it in video 2.
be glad it only hangs or stutters for that brief second. Mine locks up and stops for about a minute or so.
It is super annoying when you are trying to build quickly and know exactly what you need and




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