Full Throttle at Pareco - an official Frontier Developments race in conjunction with the Buckyball Racing Club

Bummer.. hope you all had some fun :)
We did, you missed an amazingly fun race! (sorry) :LOL::whistle:

It was a very intense and fun race, the stations especially Neville Ring were often busy, so when docking you never knew if another Cmdr was about to boost out at 900m/s the other way. And any time you entered an instance with another Cmdr, you knew you'd be visiting the next few stations alongside each other.

I think this was the most fun I've had at a race since the legendary Buckyball Run 7 thanks @Alec Turner for organising - and @Stephen Benedetti & @Will Flanagan for the great livestream.

It was really nice to see lots of new players trying out Buckyball racing as well as my Buckyball friends who I see at every race. :)
Thanks for organising this, I had a blast! Proud to be upholding the good name of Saud Kruger on the rankings! :LOL:
No problem ... it was an absolute pleasure! Stay subscribed to this thread and I'll try to remember to post news of the next Buckyball Race for people to take part in as soon as we have dates. In the meantime don't forget that we have 4 standing challenges that people can take a crack at whenever they fancy (more info at buckyballracing.org.uk where you can also find a link to our Discord server) and also note that the next Speedbowl event is now just two weeks away!

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