Roller Coasters funny speed spin constructions

Hi there! I think it´s time for the first pictures. I played a lot with all the features and possibilities and i decided to make some coasters first. Coasters are for me the major thing in a theme park. Because, if your scenery is great and the coaster sucks, it looks worng :D I´m far more the realistic guy who will build on such a level.

I started with a recreation of a small Gerstlauer 320+ model. Height, width and track length are very, very close to the real one. It runs with 3 cars =)

There is still a lot to do, before i will upload anything.
Especially i´m waiting for a better smoothing, when it comes to banking. Actually the banking don´t continuous in PC how i would wanted it ;) Also the smoothing over all could be better. In my opinion. The 320+ model ist a sort of small coaster with tight curves and even with long or short segments.. there are some bumps.
I also looking forward for some custom supports! Because this compact coaster definetly needing them.

Enough of text, here are the pictures!

As i said .. it is a work in progress.

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I also left it here ;)


Version 0.1 of my Leviathan recreation. Unfortunatly the overbanked turns aren´t there, because of the Planet Coaster restrictions.

I hardly hope that this will be changed, soon!
So we can building our own accurate recreations of real coasters!

Thank you! :)

Here is a new one, a small and short family coaster. In reality it would running twice through the layout ;)
It isn´t heavily banked to garantee a smooth ride :D

My first themed project.
Sorry for the lifthill joke, but i couldn´t resist! xD

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Here is ma work in progress of the second coaster in PC. I posted already a naked picture of the coaster without scenery in this other thread. After a few hours of work, there only some details missing ;)


[big grin]
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My first hands on a Darkride! A second, compact one is underway and will be available, when it´s done.
[video=youtube_share;B2ungpENp8A][/video][big grin]
Nice creations, The launched coaster is lovely! [up]
What is happening with the skull lamps since alpha 3?
I have the same bug.
Thank you EmSay! :)

The flames are at the wrong place. As long as i know it is already confirmed and under investigation as a bug!
In this case, i thought it fits even with the misplaced flames :D Looks like kind of magical.

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