Future DLC's

What are some of your ideas for future DLC's? Here are a few of mine
1. Family Rides
2. Thrill Rides
3. Water Attractions (Like giant flume and water playgrounds)
4. Entertainment (Parades and Concerts)
My Ideas :

Topple Tower
Ejection Seat / Slingshot
Smashing Jump
Water Attractions

and many others… ^^ ( my favorite is Topple Tower ) [big grin]
Not a bad section. I do agree with most with what you said, and I personally would love to see these get considered:

Roller Coasters:
1. Gerstlauer Infinity train (Smiler type)
2. Vekoma Family Boomerang
3. Vekoma Junior Coaster
4. Mack Powered Coaster
5. Mack Inverted Power Coaster
6. Mack Spinning Coaster
7. Mack Wilde Maus
8. Maurer Rides Wilde Maus
9. Arrow Mine Train (Without the locomotive on the front)
10. Zierer ESC

Flat Rides:
1. HUSS Condor
2. HUSS Topple Tour
3. Tivoli Remix/Extreme
4. Bertazzon/Sobema Matterhorn
5. Zierer Inverted Magic Carpet
6. Mondial Top Scan
7. KMG/Fabbri Booster
8. KMG Experience
9. ARM Ali Baba
10. HUSS/Technical Park Take Off

Tracked Rides
1. Schwarzkopf Endless Transport System
2. Schwarzkopf Suspended Gondolas
3. Arrow Turnpike Car
4. Arrow Tracked Dark Ride (Same as Wallace & Gromit: Thrill-O-Matic)

Water/Flume Rides:
1. Intamin/BEAR GmbH Reverse flume
2. Hafema rapid with vertical lift
3. Whitewater Dingy Slide
4. Arrow/Mack/Intamin Indoor Boat Ride

1. POMA encased cable car
2. Tramway
3. Uphill Mountain Railway
A Topple Tower would be great to have in Planet Coaster. I believe Dollywood has one.

Dollywood used to have one. They closed it about 6 years ago, because it kept breaking down and replaced it with a picnic area for a few years, and then Drop Line replaced it back in 2017. It was a fun but short-lived ride. It opened in 2006 but closed in 2012.
I think the future DLCs would benefit greatly to replace themed DLCs with packs that contain more gameplay features such as rides and features.

A coaster pack which consisted of 8 or 9 coasters, but it also featured new coaster elements such as on-ride photos that visitors could purchase in an all new exit-queue vendor that sold on-ride photos. The coaster pack also included some new queue elements such as digital wait time billboard, mist fans, and queue canopies.

And much like you posted with a water attractions DLC, it would be a great DLC for a summer release. New rides included: Super Flume (Splash Mountain boats), Shoot the Chute, River Battle (interactive boat ride with water cannons- perhaps a Pirate Ship theme) and a boat ride drawing inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride). Some additional features included in a free update- colorable water, pathway geysers and water cannons, and new water shop display feature with the ability to create synchronized water shows.

A Dark Ride DLC would be one of my top choices which came with 7 to 8 new dark ride types (free update featured an Omnimover aka Doombuggy). The Dark Ride DLC also allowed us to create motion theaters using digital billboards to sync with the motion of the theater seats. Other ride types- Rail Suspension (inspired vehicle from Peter Pan's Flight), Blaster (riders can shoot at objects as they move by), train (inspirations from Casey Junior Circus Train). Also, with the new Dark Ride DLC came with a feature that allowed dark rides to remain dark no matter what time of the day is. A new paint set could also be released where we could create fluorescent/black light effects on objects and props.
+ 111111 for

1. HUSS Condor
2. HUSS Topple Tower
3. Tivoli Remix/Extreme
4. Bertazzon/Sobema Matterhorn
5. Zierer Inverted Magic Carpet
6. Mondial Top Scan
7. KMG/Fabbri Booster
8. KMG Experience
9. ARM Ali Baba
10. HUSS/Technical Park Take Off / shake off
Since we can't have wáter Parks, i would love a water-rides packs. With many flat rides and coasters and water-based scenary elements.
I'd like to see a Conceptual rides pack with crazy and unique coasters, like a drop track and switch track and elevator lift coaster, as well as the "heartliner" coaster hidden within the games files that has yet to been released, or worked on most likely.
I really hope Frontier will continue to do all flat rides DLC's. The Magnificent Rides Collection was by far the best DLC.
My Ideas for next DLC:
1. B. A. Schiff Wild Mouse an Hybrid Wild Mouse (Steel track and wooden supports)
2. Arrow Mine Train (without train on the front)
3. Allan's Mad Mouse, Little Dipper
4. Arrow Launched Loop
5. TOGO Standup
6. Arrow Standup Coaster
7. Tumble Bug flat ride
8. Chance Rides / Allan's Twister
9. B. A. Schiff Kiddie Coaster

and many others...
zackplanetcoaster I like your ride ideas. I would love to see a tumble bug flat ride get added to Planet Coaster. I hope the next DLC will focus more on family/kiddie rides.
until it's a good idea but my idea is for a disney world dlc with the theme of disney park in orlando .
Car Kart Type and mickey's roller coaster .
A DLC that doesn't include a Rollercoaster would be nice [tongue]

So an All Flats DLC for me, which includes a Helter Skelter, Maze and a Paratrooper Ride, the rest they can surprise me.....would also like to see 'Vintage' skin options for the chairlift/monorail.

And on Skins, it's about time PC had changeable skins for certain rides, the Whirly Rig springs to mind for one, be nice to see a western/fairytale theme etc.
I too would like to see changeable ride skins in Planet Coaster. Also a DLC without a roller coaster would be nice as well.
I would love to see a classic Arrow tracked dark ride like Gold Mine/Wallace & Gromit: Thrill-O-Matic at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I used to operate it and it is really my favourite ride I've worked on and I would love to recreate it.
Themed skins for flat rides would be perfect!

Apropos: I also still wish some more flat rides. Especially kiddie/family rides in different themes.

Even a little Farm Train would be nice.
FARM TRAIN (MX452) 2.jpg

The next Theme Packs could be a Seaside Pack and a Toyland Pack with appropiate themedrides.

Please find Here more of what I wish for PlanCo.

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