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Hey Tommy,

You can easily post updates of your creation by replying to your own thread, with some new screenshots, a background story, or anything else that you want to share relating to your creation. That way everything related to your creation will be in a single thread, which is both easier for other users and won't get us moderators unhappy about the spamming of new threads ;)

I have copied 2 posts from other threads to this one to keep everything together in a single thread. I have also closed your duplicate threads. :)

This is now the primary thread for your FUTUREWORLD 2 creation!
2 weeks away! I can't wait to show everyone FUTUREWORLD 2! It's gonna be the biggest EPIC coaster with the most triggered events I have done to Date! #planetcoaster

Hey Everyone! Need HELP!!! Deciding which thumbnail looks better....Top or Bottom? It's for my FUTUREWORLD 2 ride live on YouTube this Saturday on my channel!

YouTube: TommyT067 Thanks!!!!

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