Galaxy Map not working

When I go to galaxy map, I am not able to plot a course at all. Not able to click on any bookmarks. Can't look at any system information. Pretty much just able to look at pretty pictures ... :mad:

When I attempt to do anything related to the galaxy map it simply drags me and cursor back to current planet location. Any ideas from anyone?
I don't know about Erod, but I do not that I can tell. I cannot select anything on galaxy map screen, including the menu options such as checking or unchecking a filter. Looked through keybinds, which I haven't altered, to see if there was something there out of place. I didn't notice anything, but if someone has an idea on what to look fo rthat would help.
Ok, had time to play with settings and found the issue.

Under keybinding settings for galaxy map, the last option is "galaxy cam select current system", for some reason it was set to "X" so every time I tried to select something it would take me back to where I was. Changed it to "triangle" and now things seem to be working. Hope this helps others, because I know I didn't change it, not sure if it was an update or something that did.
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