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@Stephen Benedetti can I ask then, on average do you expect there to be roughly the same number of Galnet stories per week but instead of Frontier inventing stories (e.g. the winking cat stuff or the dude who stole a DBX) thery'll now be covering things that actually happened (e.g. expeditions, races, AX combat/repair achievements, etc)? (which sounds great) ... or, do you mean that you'll be cutting those side stories and then, once a month or so, adding a story about the outcome of something wide reaching (but still largely Frontier created) such as an Interstellar Initiative or game update? (which sounds disappointing on the surface at least).

The thing is, what Galnet needs to do is bring a sense of life to the galaxy. If FD have to invent that life (as at present) then so be it, if they can cover the life that players are creating on a daily basis then even better, but if (as it slightly sounds), it's going to become even more lifeless ... that would be a HUGE pity!
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Galnet has always been a bit thin and now it‘s getting thinner.

The opposite should happen: hire someone developing atmospheric stories or let the community do it, reflecting CMDRs roleplay stories, with an FD Editor to take care of

This is an announcement of a ramp-down. Not happy.
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No fluff stories, just interstellar initiatives, community goals, main story narratives, introducing of new modules and ships. I guess Galnet going to be glacial from now on then. New ships and modules are rare events, the main Thargoid narratives barely moves forwards. Fluff stories is all we really had, I'll miss them.
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As someone who pretty much only plays the game now for the story (as strange as that may sound to some)...yeah. This just feels like the next step of ramping down the amount of work. GalNets around launch displayed multiple storylines in real time, then they get cut down to the point where storylines like the Lucifer Device have to be stretched out to a month so they still have stuff to publish. Even if it is just "nothing has changed". People complain about these pointless, streched out stories, and that's apparently a reason to remove them entirely.

People weren't complaining because they want GalNet gone.

Now, if I want to give Frontier the absolute maximum benefit of the doubt, maybe this is just a weird way of saying they'll be paying more attention to player-generated content ingame, or that the narrative is about to get going. Those would both be great. I doubt it, though.
Hello Commanders,

Our galaxy is filled with a plethora of stories, places, and people, which are all part off the rich canon of Elite Dangerous, explored through many of our GalNet articles.

While GalNet provides an understanding of life in the 3300s, it hasn't always had a direct impact on your gameplay. We have been reviewing the effect this has had on your in-game experience, along with your feedback, and as a result, we’re going to be reducing the number of GalNet stories that we produce and instead focus on covering in-game content.

In the foreseeable future, GalNet articles will concentrate on in-game activity, such as Interstellar Initiatives, the release of new ships and modules, and significant narrative developments. With this change, we will be stopping the 'off-camera' narratives that we have previously published via GalNet.

We hope you have enjoyed the many stories that we have told, and as always please share your thoughts and feedback with us.

I hope that includes player activity in-game as well, and an acknowledgement of in-game reality as background, as for instance you could gather from the links below in my sig (or your own checks in galmap, galactic state, etc.)

Just curious.... What brought this on? Organizing an Alliance Cultural Festival in an Independent ruled Lave, that you missed the entire oh 4-5 months of conflict of last year?
I hope that includes player activity in-game as well, and an acknowledgement of in-game reality as background, as for instance you could gather from the links below in my sig (or your own checks in galmap, galactic state, etc.)
I've seen a few comments like this - I don't see any of that in Stephen's post... meh I guess time will tell
Well, I am looking forward to the Galnet article within the next month or so that talks about how the human galactic leadership is changing, with soon the Empire larger in number of systems than the Federation. Surely, that's a rather monumental shift in the galactic power structure?
Wouldn't an easier and more satisfying solution to story content confusion be to use codex hints when a story contains something more than just words, rather than cut out everything? Or, FD use the newsletter for fluff?

If you are cutting back on story numbers whats the point too of Galnet Audio? It seems a feature now thats had its legs cut off.
If this means that the amount of Galnet content won't change, but the percentage that's related to in-game content will increase, I think that's very positive - especially if that means that there's more non-routine in-game content going on than previously.

I don't think that's the idea. I think Galnet will simply limit itself to content, abandoning any notion of unimplemented (events, etc) Lore. I don't think this message suggests that there will be more narrative content in the future. Frontier no longer wants to write stories in the Galnet. That's too bad for me IMHO.
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Seriously, what the ? One of the very few things I enjoy of the game and now you want to get rid of it?

PS: I know they are not removing Galnet but it's like if they did, Galnet was the only thing making the game feel alive and not like any other singleplayer out there.
Edit: PSS: Oh wow, the censure on bad words...
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