GalNet Round Up - 24 February 3309


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Acknowledgement of standardised time units, fellow cerebra piloting mechs of flesh and bone. It's time for a brand new round up of what's been going on in GalNet this week!

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Proving once again that humanity has no sense of personal boundries, experiments are underway to create a module which would allow ships to enter the maelstroms and rudely start poking at things. To show that Aegis has improved from last time, they have revealed that they want to test their creations themselves and avoid risk to pilots. Aden Tanner has volunteered to test the module, no doubt concluding that being melted in a giant swirl of caustic devastation is the more 'metal' way of noping out of this reality.

THARGOID WAR UPDATE: FEBRUARY 3309 - 23 February 3309
Vox Galactica has taken to the airways to share an update on how the conflict with the intergalactic anger frisbees is going. Whilst humanity has bravely fought back to reclaim a few systems, the sheer number of Thargoid targeted areas remains devastatingly high. With Thargoids now looking to take back their barnacle seeded areas, concerns are growing that they might already view all of this space as their territory. It's not all doom and gloom though, 'totally not bad guys, honest' science syndicate Azimuth Biotech jumped into the fray with their improved scanners and weapons stabilisers but were promptly outshone by the return of Aegis. Azimuth suggests reports of their pouting are overblown but sales of depressing music in the region have notably increased.

In a surprise twist, Aden Tanner's experimental flight with a prototype casutic sink launcher did not immediately result in his transformation into a new brand of high protein smoothie. The module allowed him to probe the depths of the maelstroms caustic cloud without any real incident, giving Aegis the important scientific data needed to look into mass production. Some questioned why they couldn't have tested it without risking a human life but what's the point of scientific progress if it doesn't risk your eyes melting out of their sockets? Aegis are looking for pilots to help deliver supplies to help manufacture the sink launchers. They're also looking for the more gun-ho amongst them to keep those deliveries safe, with a touch of the old ultra violence.

That's all for this week. If the thing that lurks within the dream realm allows you to wake once more, then be sure to join us next week for another round up!
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