Patch Notes Update Gamma Released

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Michael Brookes

Game Director
The first gamma build will be released in a little over an hour. People will be kicked from the server shortly . Here is the change log for the build:

- Playable area no longer restricted to beta bubble
- Playable ship Python added
- Playable ship Orca added
- Kickstarter starting ships and locations added
- Freagles added
- Capital ship events added

- Fix crash following docking and accessing starport services
- Fix for multiple input devices not working - for example pedals and throttle from multiple input device controllers
- Chances for USSs increased
- Fix for cargo hatch not ejecting any cargo when malfunctioning
- Workaround for AMD white lines issue
- Check to make sure the target is this machine that this machine is ready to receive authority
- New games account for fines, bounties, and permits
- Added missing text strings for Federal and Imperial missions
- NPC Comms in Another Castle Unidentified Signal Sources should now only display the new target destination rather than listing multiple destinations


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Awsomesauce ! however will the GUI turn on effects be put back in? I cant think of a reason to remove them....
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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