Genetics Findings since 1.3.1 Update

In the chart below you can see I have so far 2 generations of Red Pandas. From memory the main parents had Dark Red ( female ) and Bright Red ( male ) colouring but due to the lack of this information on the genealogy page I don't know for definite as I had released these animals to the wild to start generation 1 breeding cycle. Hopefully at some point we will get to see the Size and Longevity and Markings DNA segments for us genetic scientists out there.

After 1.2 the genes being passed down was in blocks of 3 x 2 genes. So, using this family as an example .. Shing may have passed down BB DB AC as a single block to his daughters with maybe the odd letter mutating to another. This seemed to be consistent amongst the different species. However, now, since 1.3 each pair of genes came from a parent. The blue and red dots denote which parent appears to have provided the DNA. I have assumed that similar to our own DNA access tools the order is not a factor in which parent but looking at the parents DNA for comparative values. The green boxed gene pairs denote where one of the parents DNA donations mutated to a different letter. I can't see anything specifically being affected by the mutation but it may be something being added later...

I don't know whether dark red is dominant or just female at this time as I have only had female young so will have to wait and see.

Suggestions for the Devs:
1. Can you unlock Size and Immunity and Markings DNA data, either as a research mechanic or in a later patch.
2. Can you create a research mechanic in a later patch to enable more detailed genetic research, to enable us to identify what specific gene pair affects what in regards to the DNA data.
For example: Maybe gene pair 1 (GP1) affects the chance of multiple births in the fertility DNA, GP2 the age at which they stop breeding, GP3 the rate females are born, GP4 the rate males are born, GP5 the age at which they can start breeding. In the case of Immunity DNA, each gene pair combination could be a particular illness strain that they are immune to. In the case of Size and Longevity DNA maybe the gene pairs could constitute a ratio of small/large, young/old with the final result being the combination of all of them. In the case of Size DNA, the gene pairs could actually be each sizeable part of the model ( if that is possible ) so that you could have animals in the same species with different leg sizes, torso sizes, head sizes, neck sizes etc. If there was a Markings DNA module added then each gene pair could result in a different marking segment, fur colour, fur marking, etc
3. Can you please add the Markings description to the genealogy page so that even after you remove an animal from your franchise you have access to that information.
4. Can you please, if not already, add in a dominant/recessive factor so that it is possible to breed out one or the other to produce one of them specifically rather than trying pot luck.
For example: A Brown Eye and Blue Eye parent can produce a wide range of coloured eye children ( our family is one such case of this ), whereas two Blue Eye parents will almost always produce a Blue Eye child.
5. And .. at some point in the future introduce a geneticist employee that allows us to test DNA combinations and see the result to allow us to breed certain pairs together to produce animals with a specific set of DNA. This geneticist giving us access to the new research mechanic mentioned in point 1 for the genetics side of things .. alot of people may not bother with the details but they may use them to gain the benefit of seeing additional information on the compare mates screen in regards to the resulting child possibilities being more descriptive.

Red Panda Genetics 1.3.1.png
example: Maybe gene pair 1 (GP1) affects the chance of multiple births in the fertility DNA, GP2 the age at which they stop breeding, GP3 the rate females are born, GP4 the rate males are born
Technically, GP3 and GP4 could be the same, since it's usually the male that determines the sex of offspring. If I remember correctly, anyway. I love researching genetics, but I haven't been able to crack PZs code yet. Would really love for them to expand the genetics mechanics in game.
Huh, I've never noticed that mutations can be introduced, I had assumed the fertility and immunity genes worked under simple mendelian inheritance with no mutations.

As to your last point of breeding specific offspring, you could already figure this out on your own with a Punnett square. Be warned, depending on the parents, there could potentially be up to 4096 unique combinations (not accounting for the potential of mutations). This is probably why they haven't (and in my opinion, won't) incorporate this feature. It would be nice to see the probability distribution of getting a certain gene percentage though rather than just the potential range (I have manually created a calculator to do just that, prefer an in game feature).

And you may or may not already know this, but I'm 99.9% certain that the letters for each gene sequence have no actual meaning, the gene % is just calculated as the proportion of heterozygous pairs (you will see that for fertility/immunity, the only possible % are 0, 17, 33, 50, 67, 83, and 100). No idea how the other two genes or colour variation work though, would love to see the genetics behind those too.
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