Ghostbusters pack coming

So no, I don't think there will be a Ghostbusters seperate game.
Yeh I can't see that either. In fact now I think about it, a Ghostbusters Planet Coaster DLC doesn't sound likely either, but who knows.

Maybe the speculation in that announcement about "major new IP" is correct - that it's Avatar. It would be silly NOT to grab Avatar IP and run with it, if given opportunity, since that world has a lot of potential for gaming. Okay I'm getting bored of speculating, I'm out!
Oddly enough this new movie is directed by Jason Reitman, the son of the original 80's Ghostbusters director. That connection, and the fact Reitman knows how to make a movie, might just help redeem the brand.
The cast is different from the last as well, Kate McKinnon isn't billed, for example.

I'm trying to figure out what type of game that should be then, a shooter? But that's not the market Frontier is active in. And I can't figure out what type of game it otherwise would be. So no, I don't think there will be a Ghostbusters seperate game.

And the later Jurrassic World movies have more value for making a game, than the recent Ghostbuster movie(s).

This sounds more like a possibility. (y)
There is always the possibility of a strategy game, or a combination of managing a team of Busters and a city builder.
Or a ghost theme park, catch a ghost and taunt it for good by putting it in the petting section of the park 👻
Just to add a bit to this... in an interview about the new Ghostbuster's Film....

"I've always thought of myself as the first Ghostbusters fan, when I was a six-year-old visiting the set," Reitman enthused. "I wanted to make a movie for all the other fans. This is the next chapter in the original franchise. It is not a reboot. What happened in the '80s happened in the '80s, and this is set in the present day."
From: Ghostbusters 3: Release date, trailer, cast and everything you need to know

So.... Out with the bad reboot... Back to the classic style... Releasing July 10, 2020....
Damn that leaked roadmap really was real....
Don't think I'm prepared to pay £12.99 for this DLC though. I understand that its a licenced pack, and that they've had to pay for the rights to use Ghost Busters, but it just doesn't sound like its something for me unfortunately :(
I'll look forward to when they reveal everything thats in the DLC, as we don't know everything yet. But personally I'd rather just wait until the next ride pack and miss this one out. What is everyone else's opinion on this one?
My guess is the DLC pack will be filled with effects to use in that ride, and the free update contains a small portion of these things (or none)
It all depengs i guess on how it works.
In Parkitect you put targets where the guest should aim at. It is just a small disk. In Planet Coaster it would be nice if it counts and might be used as trigger. But we will see.
I saw in a leaked roadmap that they are now working on a Ghostbusters pack. Could this be another Universal pack like the vehicle kits? Or a bigger pack with rides, etc.? I don't expect an answer on this as it was information that wasn't supposed to be leaked, they are very secretive about the next DLC's, etc. until closer to release. They almost never share anything about what they are working on next. The roadmap did state that active development has ended for Planet Coaster and that it is in maintenance mode. Meaning that we won't see any major changes to the core game going forward, just bite size DLC's with rides, etc. which don't require any changes or updates to the core game or peeps which probably means we won't ever see any non-ride attractions that we had in past RCT games like 3D cinema and mini golf, etc. just rides that have a vehicle or seat for peeps to sit in, nothing that involves just walking, or sitting in a stationary seat like a concert stage, etc. We can probably rule out point to point things like waterslides unless it's something like a dinghy slide which is like a coaster. Peeps will probably never be able to swim. They probably weren't coded to swim.

That is indeed, extremely disappointing to hear. -holds head in hands-

I am one of those that was absolutely "begging" for water park expansion of some kind! or inclusion ever since this game was in bloody Alpha (as were a LOT of people were back then) and to hear this is just simply not going to happen now 3 years later, knowing full-well this is probably one of the single most requested features since Frontier revealed they were even working on a new coaster game because of the mess that became known as RCT:W, is just simply sad. Every single livestream leading upto launch, the chat would just be completely bombarded with people spamming water-rides/pools/soaked/ and this terminology in various ways and the huge HURRAH!! when it was announced lug flumes were in at launch leading people to believe they "hadn't" forgotten about what people were excited about. I haven't played much in the past year because I've done just about everything in the game up to this point, the themes while cool, never peaked my personal interested, how many coaster rides do we actually need? theres so many in the game, all that development and time, feels a bit wasted when they coulda been working on something much more significant.

Water parks are a massive thing that people have wanted for absolutely years now, regardless of what my personal opinions are on this and that, this news is a royal kick to my gut because they'd rather move onto a zoo type game that to be frank, isn't going to be anywhere near as popular as planet coaster, rather then give what the community actually wants. I'm pretty sure no one ever asked for a ghost busters dlc and god knows how much they had to pay for that licence.

Thanks for the incite, and the info, much appreciated just sad really......
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