CQC Good Game Thread

If you remove power ups most of the people will just fly tanky ships like Eagle or Sidewinder.

Paper thin Imperial Fighter and Condor need power ups in order to be a viable option (especially shields/stealth).

Saying that I wouldn't mind if WEPONS PU was removed from CQC. I think the lack of it would make a better gameplay. Or at least nerf it so i.e. reduce time it's active from 40 seconds to i.e. 15 seconds.... or reduce damage.
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CQC would be more accesible if they were to remove the gimmicky powerups IMO.

It's weird that a twitch based game has them in the first place.

Not really: every deathmatch game going back to Quake and Doom has had powerups. In most of them, they were even more of a significant factor.

That said, some tweaking wouldn't be amiss, but it's hardly the biggest problem CQC has right now.
I like how the various CQC loadouts balance advantages and disadvantages. I feel like the magic powerups dumb the game down a notch. Just don't like them. That said, I've stopped using the things for a while, and I don't feel like I can't compete and have fun. I would agree that it's not a big deal.
Ahhh, we did have some nice games yesterday! Bit rough at certain points for new and returning players (all involved were vets with several Prestiges, some twice Elites... lol) but I had a blast again. Cartainly looking forward to more (self)explosions!
Were they? I didn't see you 🤔
I was. ;) You can ask guys around. ...hmm, but I didn't see YOU! :D
I wasn't all night though. Two hours and then one hour, or something like that. As I wrote, my fingers got sore so I quit. My explosions were magnificent!
We were also in the voice chat. Had a little friendly competition with Joker about picking up Weapons. :D :D :D A minigame if you will. It was hilarious hearing him "suffer" when I snatched it right before his nose (and vice versa when he was the quicker one) . So much fun. Good times.
Many good games yesterday and today (y)

Squadron Leaderboards have made CQC what it was meant to be all along :D

Fantastic to see more veterans playing Deathmatch rather that broken Team Deathmatch.
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