Guardian Relic won't go into Data Terminal. Help!

Hey guys,

So I got to a Guardian structure. I found all the pylons, blasted all the sentinals, lit the pylons and got the message "you can now interact with the data terminal."

I took a relic to the triangular hole in front of the terminal and jettisoned it (both kinds) and nothing happens. They just land around it and don't go in.

When I drive away a little, a beam comes out of the triangular hole, but when I approach the beam turns off. MMRH??
I did the same. You need a key from the guardian space structure for some of the guardian sites. Pick up three while you are there, then you won’t have to go back.
If you haven’t been to one before, you will need a laser to power up the pylons. I used a mining laser.

There is the possibility that you have discovered a whole new site that requires a key that hasn’t been discovered yet.
That would be very exciting, but highly unlikely.
I have 3 unused module blueprints because I kept going to the wrong guardian site. I wish I could trade them for guardian mats.
Thanks so much guys, you guessed it-- I was at a Guardian structure which gives a vessel blueprint, so it was the key that is was required, not the Guardian relic.

I actually wanted the FSD booster, so I found myself a module-blueprint-giving structure and everything went totally smoothly. (y)(y)
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