Guardian weapon commodities

Been unlocking all the guardian tech recently. Got all the modules but the power plant and I've been collecting weapon blueprints and those elusive epsilon pattern obesiks for the fighters. Headed back to unlock them to find that 2 commodities I need (articulation motors and micro-weave cooling hoses) are nowhere to be found. Eddb didn't list anywhere selling them. Any tips on finding them?
That happened to me, lol... yeah, a couple of the commodities you'll need on a few of the unlocks are mission reward only.
What he said. Both of those are mission reward only commodities, but I cannot remember which type of economy is most likely to offer them as rewards. Try industrial or high tech?
I think it is easier to get missions offering those if you are allied with factions. Apparently high tech economies consume articulation motors, but that doesn't mean that those can't be rewards as well.
Mission rewards, fortunately the hoses were on mission offer at Jamesons, so I took em. Station I delivered summit to had articulation motors as a mission rewards. Result.
Yup. Mission rewards. Fortunately, gone are the days you got something like four or so... and you get 20-30 of them per mission now.
Wrecked megaships as well, if you fancy a bit of looting ;)

(Or like me you can loot them from the normal megaships - at which point they become stolen - doh! :) )
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