Guests keep to much distance queue

I just noticed the guests keep too much distance in queue's that are 2m wide

here is a pic:

It would be better if they stand closer to eachother. Or maybe we can have a line that is similar to the fast pass but it will open when it's too busy
Did you offer those people some deodorant or something? :p

I've got the same, it doesn't really matter if I make a big queue or a small one (2 or 4 tiles), because it makes no difference for the amount of people in the queue.
I've noticed this too and it's definitely a minor bug. My work around is to only use the standard width the entire length of the wait line as it only seems to happen when you use the extremely narrow width option -- which I love lol.


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I have seen this being reported on the Bug forums already. Guess it will be taken care of.
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