Gulpee at Gamescom

Gulpee is at Gamescom today!

LOVE the outfit!

They're running a competition right now on Instagram and Twitter:

Heading to Gamescom? We’ve got two very special people from Planet Coaster there too! Tweet or Instagram a picture with Gulpee Rex or Chief Beef using ‪#‎PlanetCoaster‬ for a chance to win a copy of Planet Coaster Early Bird Edition!
This is from their Facebook. I decided to take my own spin on it since I can't be there...

Edit: If anyone has a pic of Chief Beef I'd LOVE to see!! #cheifbeefbelief
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Looks good! [up] Not chubby enough though. [wink]

Cosplay is so much fun! I live 20 minutes from where Otakon was this past weekend. So many costumes and body suits! The weather was seasonably uncooperative though. Most people, including myself, were unable to wear costumes for long.
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