habitat animals or Vivarium animals?

Since there is lot missing animals. Which one is more important to you?

For me, these are the animals
Since there is lot missing animals. Which one is more important to you?

For me, these are the animals

I think something's missing here, or did you mean habitat animals in general?

To answer the thread title: no specific animals, but I think the exhibit animals should be easier to design and thus for my feeling we should have had a whole lot more of them by now.
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Habitat animals for sure. I hardly ever use exhibit animals.

And I agree with LN. It feels a little strange that we have only relatively few exhibit animals.
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Habitat animals obviously... the exhibit ones are barely more than decorations...
True. Mainly buildings to use them for around shops to generate crowds for the shops as well.

For that i'd like to have more exhibit options instead of the basic 4x4 models.

And I agree. More habitat animals are always great.
Habitat animals for sure. There's maybe a handful of exhibit animals I would actively want, and the only one that's really important to get in (for me) is a species of cobra. But always always habitat animals.
Habitat animals 4 life. I genuinely hate the boxes. I barely even use them in my zoos.

1) we have to pay for them in dlc they take up a spot for another habitat animal

2) they don't even do anything...they're pretty dull to look at 😑 😴

3) we dont even have variable exhibit shapes or sizes just all the exact same square

4) we have turtles (terrapins) in the paludarium style exhibits introduced in the aquatic pack (half aquatic, half terrestrial exhibits)...now it's time for aquariums!!!!!
Fish me up some fishies Frontier!

I get why exhibits are in the game, a good idea that's been poorly executed and gone mostly ignored since launch. Time for some changes.
Habitat animals of course, although I would not entirely bury the exhibits. The thing is, the current exhibit size does not suit most of the exhibit species. More sizes of the terrariums would be very welcome. There is also few exhibit species I would still like to see - chameleon, emerald tree boa and small mammals if we ever get exhibits with looped animation. The different sizes and especially smaller exhibits would be a priority to me though, regarding terrariums, I think that would make exhibits more interesting for alot of people.
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I love my exhibit animals! Both for their coolness in real life (they're some of my favorites), and for the money they bring in when playing franchise. So I'm really happy to have them and would love to see lots more. As well as more size and shape options to house them.

In terms of the question, I guess I don't know enough about the time/staff-resources/creation-time they require to make an informed decision. Obviously a single new habitat animal gives more play time than a single new exhibit animal, but I can't imagine that it's a 1-to-1 trade off to create them. Nor do I know how they stack up compared to building pieces. But I have been surprised that we've only seen +1 packs and haven't seen packs that have +2 or +3 or +4.

It may simply be that they aren't requested enough to rise to the top, or get left out of various categorized lists so they end up slipping away when the dev team sits down to decide what's most requested in the next dlc.
But why behave so confrontationally?

What on earth?

"Confrontation - a hostile or argumentative meeting or situation between opposing parties."

What I said "You're right...."
Would you consider agreeing with somebody a hostile or argumentative meeting/situation?

Any confrontational tone you are hearing is all in your head 😄 No one is argumentative, you have imagined a tone and a situation that doesn't exist.

To clarify for you, that person disagreed with my comment and said exhibit animals DO NOT take up a spot in the dlc's. I then said "You're right" thus agreeing with them. You then told me to stop being confrontational.

Have a nice day.
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