Engineers Has anyone seen...

... Military Super-capacitors?

I mean has anyone actually SEEN them I haven't despite playing A LOT in war zones, conflict zones et. Not seen one floating in encoded or degraded SS's, not as mission rewards either.

Anyone point me in the right direction?

PS I don't have founder's world permit.

Cheers in advance.
I have not seen one and I'm vaguely suspicious they're not in game. Looking at all the recipes they're used in I don't see any that are unlocked yet.

For instance Grade 4 and 5 high capacity rail guns. No engineer with that recipe has been located. Given the intersection of missing material and engineer I'd predict the don't exist.

If somebody knows of an existing recipe that uses them which one is it ?
I've had some as reward for missions, I believe they are the same as pharmaceutical isolators, imperial shielding and CD Composites in that you get them from encoded USS in a system in the correct state, however the state filter for war/civil war etc is broken, so you need to manually find a system in war and search there.
Belthize -I need them for high capacity missile racks (g4) and Charge enhanced power distributors (g 4 and 5) SO they must be around somewhere...

Derath-thank you i'll just have to persevere.
Yeah they do exist but looking at my mod list they are approximately the rarest material in the game from the activities i've been doing, probably on a level of polonium and MEF good luck!
I have 6 of these and only ever from missions rewards. Dont know if you can find them in uss or from ships etc.
Just picked up my first one tonight doing a surface salvage mission for skimmer bits.
Don't need it yet, but as they seem so rare, I thought I better grab while I could.
I stand corrected then.

In terms of how to find, if they're like Pharmaceutical Isolators, then take a look at my post on that topic.

Head out of the ecliptic in a War state system, look for USSes, preferably Encoded but either will do. I might try that after work tonight.
So maybe not the best way to get Military SuperCapacitors (and maybe it is) but it is an excellent way to get Military Grade Alloys. In an anarchy system in war state (HIP 11125), about 1K LS above ecliptic. 3rd encoded USS had this:

I'll keep looking here for SuperCapacitors. 3 or 4 encoded USSes later I got this.

I didn't keep notes like I did in the link above for Pharmaceutical Isolators but it was basically exactly the same. Only difference was Anarchy War vs Outbreak and what was being searched for.

Updated link to guide in my sig with information.
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If you mean me, I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was in Mike system. If not, one very close to it.
What works for me is to head for a system which is both Anarchy and at war. The controlling faction/s which control the station/s in the system are at war too. Once located, arrive and head away from the main star for 200,000 ls or more if you prefer. Ignore everything you discover on the way out as there will be plenty to collect on the way back. Once you hit 200,000 ls or more if you prefer, turn around and head back towards the star. What worked for me at this stage though is to set your throttle to about 3 pips. If you don't, you'll got lots of USS messages but no actual USS appearing. The message simply appears and then disappears with nothing in your navigation panel. This I assume is because at anything over 3 pips or thereabouts, is simply travelling too fast and so the USS is actually bypassed at speed. I found that between 200,000 ls and 100,000 ls I was getting numerous High Grade Emissions with 12 -15 Military Grade Alloys or Military Super Capacitors in each discovery. I also discovered numerous Encoded and Degraded Emissions along the way too. Between 100,00 ls and the star though, I did not discover any High Grade Emissions, so make of that what you will. So in summary, for the whole meander back to the main star from 200,00 ls, I collected 24 Military Grade Alloys, 24 Military Super-Capacitors and numerous other useful materials essential for engineering upgrades. Far more relaxing that twatting around in Debris Fields, CZ's and other random and frustrating exercises in futility..Good luck CMDR's
I spent about 6 hours looking for them.

Hopped from war system to war system, zipping around in deep space. I finally found a system that generated the High Grade signal sources and gathered about 9 seeds of them (27).

They only spawn in war systems, but most war systems won't generate them. If you don't find an HGS within 5-6 signals, I'd say try another. Once you find one, take advantage of it because they will spawn frequently.
Thanks to RNG, I have the exact opposite problem in that Super Capacitors are in about every High Grade Emissions i drop into.

Tech system in boom state. High population might help but don't know.
You'll also find them in systems in a war state.
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I always understood that population influenced the overall spawn rate of USSs and that USS spawn drops off at after 10k ls from the main star.

I also try to minimize the potential for getting the power-specific HGE spawns by using EDDB to find a high-pop independent system in a war state.
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