Has that patch just made everything go spack?

Eh, this isn't the bug report forum. better off reporting them there so the devs can see it. forms like these are annoying. although it can be forgiven since litterly everyone is having this bug right now. :rolleyes:

Maybe FDEV needs to actually hire someone who knows what the hell they are doing rather than hire script kiddies and interns from the local college. Or is FDEV too cheap to pay for an actual programmer?
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Eh, this isn't the bug report forum.
No, but we can check if it is a unique personal issue or if it is more a general problem with the game.

My game no has been running without any quirks for about 45 minutes now. Seems it were only some hickups at start for me. Playing open, have seen some hollow squares. No problems.But only cruising doing some passanger flights. Fingers crossed.
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Hello folks,

Thanks for the reports - we're looking into this and will have more information soon.
Will you may want to see how much salt is flowing on the 3.05 patch notes. I am one of its main contributors because it says servers are back up....wrong answer! Servers (the Matchmaker!) is causing too many people too much grief. Constant MM crashes are making the game unplayable. Also SRV running underground, and rocks floating in the air. Fix this please.
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