Hawk Vector Key Bindings by CMDR Josky

Hi everyone I am CMDR Josky and I will be releasing my Key Bindings for the XBOX 360/PS4/PC controller on 06-08-19 Saturday. I have a Google Doc that will be translated into other languages listing the Key Bindings and linked to a YouTube video discussing Elite Dangerous Key Bindings. I currently have over 1,400 + hours in Elite Dangerous. The Key Bind Document will remain available for a very long time. I'm new to making Elite Dangerous videos however I feel that a lot of CMDR's may benefit so less delay is needed :)
YouTube Video
Source: https://youtu.be/gN4FkYLyFBE
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Hi everyone i have updated the Hawk Vector Key Bind Document it is now listed in order as it is in Elite Dangerous game settings and it follows the video structure. I also added a new Key Bind for the Detailed surface Scanner # Toggle Front/Back View = Back Button. o7 CMDRs
Hi everyone im changing the Landing Gear # Left Paddle + Right Paddle I'll update the Hawk Vector Doc's on Saturday 07 - 06 - 19 . It's way better set like that than where it is currently 😂
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