Hello Commanders. looking for a small group

hello everyone thanks for stoping by. as the title says im looking for a smaller group to play with im considering reseting my account and starting fresh. looking for some good friends to play and hang out with in the stars. if you have a small group like less than 30 please let me know so i can check them out thanks.
Hello Armstrongjr!

Spiral Spirits Division

Do you want to be part of a growing faction that is fun, energetic and helpful? Protector of our home system in Coriat, bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Why not join Spiral Spirits Division today? It is a newly created faction, working on their goals to bringing peace throughout the galaxy by expanding and maintaining each system and ending unnecessary wars. Come join us on our mission. We have taken over our home system and have now expanded into a new system.

We have got a PMF and an in-game squadron [Squadron ID: SSD1]

We accept all type of players, ideally Imperial Aligned but not essential.
We accept all players from all platforms.
We welcome all players from new to experienced.
We have got quite a few ranks that need filling with dedicated members :)

We also have less than 10 members but still growing :)

Join our Discord server to find out more information and apply: https://discord.gg/UsQ3KWD
If that link doesn't work, put this in where it says join server UsQ3KWD on discord.

See you on board CMDR! :)
Hi CMDR Armstrongjr

I would suggest 30 members is a little small and you may find yourself flying alone quite often.
The Angels of Death squadron is about 90 members strong full-time.
You can take a look at our recruitment ad here https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/aod-angels-of-death-multi-game-clan-with-over-3000-members-pve-bgs-in-game-faction-pvp-no-murder-griefing.507112/
The figure ‘3000 members’ is from across all the 18 divisions within the Angels of Death clan, with the Elite Dangerous Squadron being one of these divisions.
With our numbers your always guaranteed to have someone to fly with, rarely would it exceed 15 members on at one time. Last night there were 6-8 members mining (veterans helping recruits) with another couple running BGS missions. We run weekly events to mix it up, CQC and Viper/SRV racing league, Thargoid Hunting to be added soon.

Despite the clan name we are a real friendly bunch of lads and lasses.

Hope you find the home your looking for, fly safe CMDR! o7
hello everyone thanks for stoping by. as the title says im looking for a smaller group to play with im considering reseting my account and starting fresh. looking for some good friends to play and hang out with in the stars. if you have a small group like less than 30 please let me know so i can check them out thanks.
Nova Navy is now recruiting new and experienced pilots to support the official lore-based faction Nova Imperium. Whatever your profession or experience with the BGS, help us fight to restore the Empire to it's former glory and resist the shadowy forces that seek to control it. We also have about 35 pilot in PC, so it is pretty small for now. Check us out! You won't regret.

Visit our Discord for more information: https://invite.gg/novaimperium
Sacra Oculus is a small group. OK so we control a ton of star systems, but we are a small group. Come have a chat. Occasionally someone is online, we're that small a group. :p
Hi there Commander Armstrongjr
I'd like to introduce you to the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps. (ARRC for short)

We are a possibly one of the biggest, small Player Minjor Factions. Despite having less than thirty active members we are a well established group with a presence in over 30 of the "Old Worlds"
Our base of operations is in our home system of Zaonce, Ridley Scott station.
The home of the Zaonce Fleet and the Bank of Zaonce.
Our systems include Arque, the new home of Professor Palin and Tionisla, where the famous Ships Graveyard is reputed to bear permanent monument to many a brave pilot.

We are a friendly bunch and we love helping out Noobs.
Although we are mostly based around Europe we do have a few US players..
Now that we have Professor Palin in our jurisdiction we are having what the ancient Chinese called interesting times. Especially with the PvP groups that enjoy making life difficult around Engineers, Community Goals and other popular venues.

A lot of us were here in '84 and as far as game play goes we moslty bimble about engaging in pretty much whatever come to mind.

Our activities include PVE exploration
PvP in a training group called "Fighter Club" (See my signature. No membership required) and with an anti ganker group caled The SPEAR Network.
Thagoid hunting in the Pleiades
Racing SLFs, SRVs and other vehicles in odd and remote locations
Driving SRVs into space stations...

Well you get the idea. Pretty much anything that's fun.
Join our forum thread and lend us your ideas.

Background Simulation or Powerplay?
Yes we also involve ourselves in the Background Simulation and Powerplay aspects of the game. Flipping systems for the Alliance, fighting to keep or control systems etc.

You pretty much couldn't find a more friendly bunch of commanders with an eye for fun and a taste for adventure always on the lookout for new and exciting things to try.

Come along and give us a go. Links to our Discord channel and the Fighter Club thread are in my signature, or you could apply on INARA where you will find our Faction page.

Time zone is GMT UK but we are to be found online pretty much any time.

If you are looking for a small Mature group. Then Come check us out. We are the casual crew. You can reach us on our team speak server at: casualcrew.ts3ip.com

We love helping new commanders get started.

Hope to see you there!

o7 armstrongjr!

We, The Crimson Privateers, are a small group fighting the imperial abuse of power. We are 8 commanders currently and all are quite active and friendly. We are currently recruiting and would be happy to answer any of your questions. Just PM me or another officer for more info.


The Coffin Dodgers

We are a group of unbelievably good pilots with above average skills and dashing good looks, not to mention very modest.

We do BGS and minor faction, We are proud of our own small empire just outside the bubble.

We have a wealth of experience on all things Elite

We fight, we trade, we explore.

We try to do our bit saving the Galaxy from the Thargoids albeit rather amateurish.

We pretty much enjoy everything this great game has to offer.

You might enjoy the cordial banter that we perhaps specialize in.

If you want to join, there are no complicated forms to fill in- we just meet up on Discord.

All we ask is that you use EDMC to assist the BGS.

Look up ' Coffin Dodgers ' on Discord

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