Introduction Hello there!


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Hey all!

My name is Paul and I am going to be joining you today as part of the Jurassic World Evolution Community team!

I’ve been in the games industry for a few years now, having worked on titles like RuneScape, Fable Legends and Lightseekers. I’ve been eager to work on Jurassic World Evolution ever since it was announced and I heard there was the possibility to unleash packs of velociraptors on the unsuspecting public in a glorious cacophony of screaming and mayhem.

I’m looking forward to working with you all and the rest of the community team and seeing the fantastic parks you have all made!


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Hello there,

I've just met someone who looks just like you, over on the ED forums :D


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Hello again Paul, welcome to Frontier!

Have a fantastic time with the community :D
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