Newcomer / Intro Help getting into mining.

Hi commanders. I just bought the game and did some trading missions to get my first ship (cobra mk3). Still in the beginner zone and have decided to proceed into mining. What do i need and where do i start? Any details, links or turorials would be greatly appreciated. o7
That's an excellent guide that covers the basics very well. Nice work!

But I have a bone to pick. Slide 9 states that DSS is not useful for laser mining as hot spots don't matter for that. This could not be more wrong. Hot spots are what make laser mining worth doing, other than specialized uses like missions or collecting engineering mats. A hot spot both raises the chance for every single rock to have that mineral in it, AND increases the average amount of that mineral in each rock that has it. This bonus makes for MUCH faster collection of that mineral. And where two or more hot spots of the same type overlap this bonus stacks, such that in a triple overlap you can find your target mineral in almost every rock and lots of it.

This might seem like a quibble only of concern to advanced miners, but I think it might be one of the most important pieces of advice for a newcomer, to make the initial experience more fun, less frustrating, and more rewarding to bootstrap their finances into being able to equip a better and more comfortable ship.

Slide 12 is more accurate, though the bit about hot spots increasing the number of rocks with fissures/cores is wrong. A hot spot does make it more likely that any given core will be of that type though.

Oh, and for slide 23, 1km seems to be the safe distance. The explosion will shake your ship still, but it won't do any damage. This is pretty important as you most certainly can lose your ship of you're too close with no, or inadequate, shields. I never mine without shields myself, but that's a personal preference, neither way is right or wrong.
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