Help to rejoin

i was an original member from the crowd funding days
but due to unavoidable comitments have not booted up Elite for some time
i now , having retired wish to sart up again
problem is i want to install it on my new computer
have got the launcher but i cant remember my password
when i click on recover forgotton password
i get an email to reset it, but when loggig in there
it just goes round and round in circles ( user e-mail / password )
same if i try to go to support same question ( user e-mail / password )

so how do i get out of this blockage

You could of course register with support using a different email address and raise a support ticket there detailing your issue. No doubt they could email your "problematic" email address with instructions. Support are very helpful, if there is a way to do something they will find it.
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