HGE Spawns are Still Too Low.

I've been trying to find HGEs in the Civil War state for some time, in order to find Military Super Capacitors (G5).
So far, I've found none.

Due to the odd nature of HGEs adopting other factions states, this means HGEs often contain other materials, which means you need to find more HGEs to find the correct one.
Even if the HGE has the right state, there's still no guarantee it'll contain the correct materials.

And more often than not, HGEs don't even spawn at all.

So the reality is this;

1) you spend a little while looking for an appropriate system, in the correct state (luckily there's tools for this),
2) then flying there.
3) either use the FSS, or scan the nav beacon and jump back to supercruise.
4) check for HGEs, if none, go to 1).
5) fly to HGE (often unreasonably far away)
6) drop to HGE, if correct yay, but if you need more, go to 5) or 1)! Else if more than 1 HGE, go to 5. Else go to 1.
7) repeat until you have as many as you need.

Several of the main G5 Manufactured Materials are not available from any other method. No mission rewards, no NPC drops.
The only other method is use the material trader, but at 6-1, it's a terrible last resort option. Especially as that means 100 other G5s will only net you 16 of what you want, which is maybe enough for 1-2 modules.

My main suggestion is simply drastically increase HGE spawns, or lock them to the controlling faction, so their contents are more reliable.

A few secondary suggestions are;
1) Lower the trade ratio to 3-1 for G5-G5 trades on manufactured.
(Or have some special "good deal" traders in permit locked systems so you have a good reason to unlock them for better rates).

2) Add all G5 manufactured material drops to the most difficult NPC's, such as ATR, Spec Ops, and Wing Assassination Targets being a very reliable source. And Elite regular NPC's being somewhat reliable.

This. Finding mats is painful enough without FD being totally clueless on how to balance a game. Traveling 250lys to the nearest source of a very rare mat only to find that there isn't a single HGE, despite the system having a high population, is beyond frustrating. Maybe FD should start a shotgun tasting business and hand the game off to someone less incompetent. And do the world a favor.
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