How big is the actual blueprint piece limit? How many parts are allowed to use?

Hello, sorry for this question.... but google didn't help. I just work on a darkride as blueprint and thought to remember that they have said they will raise the limit to 5000 pieces. Now i am close to get to 4000 pieces but a lot of stuff is missing to finish it. Especially the complete outside of the building. But because i was unsure about this limit, i started googling about piece limits and can't find them anywhere. Only in the spring update they told it will be raised to 4000 [cry] [cry] [cry]
Hope this is not the case.... I need at least 5000. Does someone know how high the actual piece limit is?

And one more question - since i had some break from planet coaster... is it now possible to save paths with the blueprints? If not, maybe a solution could be that only paths that are builded on a building grid are saved together with the ride.... Please developers... do this [rolleyes][up][up][big grin]
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