How I would do an “Americas Pack”

Pretty much as the title says. Assuming the final dlc is for the Americas as a contrast to Eurasia, or simply a worldwide pack to get as many animals as possible. I’m also assuming as the last pack it will have 12 animals like the grassland pack.

  1. Wild turkey, makes for a good basic ground bird. For those who won’t use it as a wild animal it can be a farm animal along with the llama. Very common and can live everywhere from the taiga to the desert.
  2. Wood duck, a colorful waterfowl and another bird rep for North America.
  3. Brown Pelican, covers all of the Americas also my preferred pelican species.
  4. Scarlet ibis, though I would personally want the American flamingo, but even I can’t deny the ibis would be perfect.
  5. Greater rhea, the first true South American bird. Also the last of the main ratites of the world, minus the tinamou. I would love a crested tinamou but would prefer the rhea.
  6. Black howler monkey, because we need a monkey and it’s easily the most popular at the moment.
  7. Squirrel monkey as the second monkey, I just think a spider monkey will be too hard.
  8. White nosed coati, because we need a coati.
  9. Patagonian mara, a really cute rodent. An agouti would’ve been nice but if I had to pick the mara was gonna win.
  10. Spectacled bear, as much as I want the ABB I think South America deserves the rep a bit more. I’m not pressed for carnivores though, so an ocelot or a bush dog would work fine too.
  11. Black and white tegu/ Amazonian river turtle. I think both reptiles would be great, a non-monitor habitat lizard or our first habitat turtle. Can’t pick between the two.
  12. WTE: golden lion tamarin, I know it’s not popular but the monkeys might be too small and fast for the current climbing system. Also this way we could have the small babies cling to their mom’s back.
Decided to post this here instead of the main dlc thread.
If I can pick 4 (scenery pack)

Squirrel monkey
Crested screamer
Patagonian mara

If I can pick 7 (animal pack) I'll add

Howler or spider monkey
Greater rhea
Spectacled bear

If I can pick 12 I'll add

Chilean pudu
Great curassow
Red-eared slider (habitat animal)
A tamarin or marmoset (habitat or walkthrough)

Honorable mentions
  • bush dog
  • red-footed tortoise
  • black-necked swan
  • two-toed sloth (walkthrough)
  • north-american tree porcupine
  • Geoffroys cat
  • jaguarundi
  • white-tailed deer
  • n-a river otter
  • tayra
  • wild turkey
  • southern tamandua
  • green tree python (exhibit)
  • agouti
Here’s how I’d do an Americas Animal Pack:
  • American Black Bear
    • Alternative: Spectacled Bear
  • Coyote
    • Alternative: Bush Dog
  • Black Howler Monkey
    • Alternative: Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey
  • Greater Rhea
    • Alternative: American Flamingo
  • Coatimundi
    • Alternative: Virginia Opossum
  • Pacific Walrus
    • Alternatives: Musk Ox or Sea Otter
  • Southern Tamandua
    • Alternative: Andean/Brazilian Porcupine
  • WE - Macaws
    • Alternative: Exhibit - Emerald Tree Boa
animals I still like to see: coati, spoonbill, scarlet ibis, pelican, walrus, spectacled bear, grey fox, bush dog, giant armadillo, tree porcupine, tamandua, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, rhea, burrowing owl, roadrunner, alligator snapping turtle, musk ox, howler monkey, ocelot, wild turkey, mara, snow hare, and torrent duck

Oh and all 20 variants of jaguar like in zoo tycoon 3... those have priority over all, I’m like you guys now.

I think those are all
1. White Nosed Coatimundi - marketing/artwork animal
2. Black Howler Monkey
3. Guianan Squirrel Monkey - disagree with having two primates in the pack? Then this slot goes to the Brazilian Porcupine
4. Spectacled Bear - I realize the ABB is much much more iconic but I was this one much much more.
5. Patagonian Mara
6. Ocelot
7. Greater Rhea
8. Scarlet Ibis
9. Muskox
10. Wild or Oscillated Turkey
11. Northern River Otter
12. Two Toed Sloth species (WTE)
  1. Bighorn Sheep (LC)
  2. Ocellated Turkey (NT)
  3. Alligator Snapping Turtle (VU)
  4. Black-footed Ferret (EN)
  5. Spectacled Bear (VU)
  6. Red Wolf (CR)
  7. Patagonian Mara (NT)
  8. Peruvian Pelican (NT)
  9. Southern Elephant Seal (LC)
  10. Ecuadorian Squirrel Monkey (LC)
  11. Andean Mountain Cat (EN)
  12. WE: Macaws [Spix's (EW); Hyacinth (VU); Blue and Yellow (LC); Scarlet (LC)] ---- some similar like the butterflies
1. South American coati
2. Virginian opossum
3. Patagonian Mara
4. Golden lion tamarin
5. Bush dog
6. Red-legged seriema
7. Southern three-banded armadillo
8. Giant armadillo (if 2 armadillo is not ok than Kinkajou )
9. Scarlet Ibis
10. Toucan (Toco or keel-billed)
11. Black-tailed jackrabbit
12. Eastern gray squirrel
If we are going for 12 species then is a bit easier than doing it with 8.

From South to North

1. Patagonian mara
2. Greater rhea
3. Andean bear
4. Southamerican coati
5. Ocelot
6. Brown pelican
7. Mexican spider monkey
8. Roseatte spoonbill / Scarlet ibis
9. Wood duck / Wild turkey
10. Musk ox

And the exhibits:

11. WTE: two toed sloth vs tamarins/marmosets vs our first flying birds (macaws, toucans or humminbirds)
12. Exhibit box: green anaconda vs alligator snapping turtle

Anniversary: American Black Bear to complete the bears.

Missing my previous howler in favor of some North American monkey. Honestly i would personally replaced the Andean bear for a second monkey if it was up to me.
What even is a red wolf? Sounds like a mega clone I didn’t even know existed

The red wolf's taxonomic classification as being a separate species has been contentious for nearly a century, being classified either as a subspecies of the gray wolf Canis lupus rufus, or a coywolf (a genetic admixture of wolf and coyote). Because of this, it is sometimes excluded from endangered species lists, despite its critically low numbers

The wild population of red wolves up to 23-25 wild individuals
The only American animals I would want Planet Zoo to have will be:
  1. American flamingo
  2. American black bear
  3. Spectacled bear
  4. Squirrel monkey
  5. Green anaconda (If that'll happen, bigger Exhibit with 'pond' would be nice/needed.)
  6. Mountain goat
  7. Bighorn sheep
  8. Red-bellied piranha (E) (Fish is the last of five types/groups of vertebrates to be there.)
I am currently leaning more towards the spoonbill lately in terms of american birds, both ibis and spoonbill are cool but the spoonbill has more of a unique look, and in the end both birds are extremely similar anatomically except for the beak so we could easily make ibises from the spoonbill or viceversa.
I am currently leaning more towards the spoonbill lately in terms of american birds, both ibis and spoonbill are cool but the spoonbill has more of a unique look, and in the end both birds are extremely similar anatomically except for the beak so we could easily make ibises from the spoonbill or viceversa.
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How about we get all three pink birds? American flamingo, scarlet ibis, and spoonbill. They can all live happily together and I can make a pretty pink aviary.
Hmmm.... if the theory is it's a final pack, then you want it to cover as much ground as possible, so really gotta balance those!

1 - Sea Otter
2 - Coati sp.
3. Golden Lion Tamarin
4. Howler Monkey sp.
5. Roseate Spoonbill
6. Musk Ox
7. Spectacled Bear
Exhibit: Scarlet Macaw + Blue and Gold Macaw

There's a few other options which would also be extremely valid but I didn't feel quite made the optimal pack: Ocelot, Scarlet Ibis, Virginia Opossum, Rocky Mountain Goat, Alligator Snapping Turtle, North America Black Bear, Coyote etc
Latin America Scenery Pack

Black Howler Monkey
South American Coati
Spectacled Bear
Macaws (WE) alternatively Linnaeus's Two-Toed Sloth (WE)

Latin America Animal Pack

Black Howler Monkey
South American Coati
Spectacled Bear
Greater Rhea
Southern Tamandua
Patagonian Mara
Plumed Basilisk (EX) or Eyelash Viper (EX) or Green Anaconda (WE)
I prefer the scarlet ibis of the three red birds, the others can use the flamingo rig when support ends and when modders create the best modded animals

Ibis > spoonbilll > just another flamingo
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