How to become a moderator?

Hello Commanders,

I am a beginner at Elite Dangerous even if it's been some years since I own it. I would like to know what are the steps in order to become a moderator, even for free?

Thank you.


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Hi Luftsven,

Moderators tend to be asked by the CM team to be honest, I can't think of an occasion where someone has applied to be a Moderator and been accepted.

The very best way to become a mod is to be a active and helpful member of the community here on the forum and if you're very unlucky you might get a PM from a member of the CM team one day..

Or.... if you're prepared to be blamed for everything from The Servers being down to DBOBE stubbing his toe..........

(No goats were harmed in the creation of this post)
Thanks I've seen the site you take the signature from. Is it changed in real-time? That is, I imagine you have to upload your signature sometimes again to keep it updated. I haven't figured out how it connects to the Frontier's profile in-game. Sorry I'm technically confused.
Thanks, though I thought copying the up banner url and pasting it into the signature. Because Windows SmartScreen says it's dangerous to install EDDiscovery. I use Windows 10.
Haha nice one. Yes Elite Dangerous is dangerous but I'm not sure yet how it works. So if I install EDDiscovery and export the data from Inara, the signature will always be uploaded, not manually. Did I understand you well?
I try installing the installer but I cannot know how to bypass the Windows SmartScreen. I would like to install it but how do I get through?
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