How to change Player Name?

Before Alpha 3 came out, this game was tied to the Frontier Launcher. When I played Planet Coaster back then, it showed my first name and I was completely fine with that. But since this game is now Steam, it now shows my email address which is associated with my Steam account.

Is there a way to change it? It doesn't even show my steam name, just my email address (excluding @ [domain]). Because I'd like to have my first name back on it. The other option would be to hide player name and it's not something I'd like because I think it will just show Planet Coaster Player. I just got Steam last year, I know you can't change your account name, but you can change the email address associated with it. Can I choose a nick name for my Steam account which I could change at any time? And would it appear in Player Name field in Planet Coaster? Thanks.
I don't want my email displayed. I dont have access to PC yet, I am new to steam but I was hoping PC would display my steamname
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You should be able to change your steam name under the account settings. Change my steam name all the time have have friends do the same
I think it was my email (minus @ domain) by default. I changed it. Thanks. Steam is a bit over protective. Like, the address bar is highlighted green with padlock on it, and enter these randomly generated letters to make sure I'm not a robot, then requests a verification code sent to my phone. I thought it would of shown your steam name by default, which I heard, people can't change.