Guide / Tutorial How to fill all of your Raw Materials bins using Crystalline Shards.

I checked in-game materials inventory and the material trader. There are some oddities and discrepancies there.
Checking inventory we have:
Grade 5 - Antimony and Polonium
Grade 4 - Ruthenium, Selenium, Technetium, Tellurium, Yttrium and Zirconium
Grade 4 and Grade5 materials have the same cap, 150 units. However, Zirconium (G5) has a 250 cap - same as a Grade 2 material
Grade1 materials have a cap of 300, but not Boron (G1) which has a cap of 200

Yet, the material trader is splitting the Raws in 7 Categories. All the top grade in each catgory is Grade 4, there are no Grade 5s
Also Zirconium appears as a Grade 2 in Cat.7 and Boron is Grade 3 in the same Cat.7

So kind of a mess between in-ship inventory and the material trader - mess that might be reflected in missing Selenium from Crystal Shard - unless it was a deliberate omission and the mess above is just the typical FDev at work.
oh, so it's a UI error that goes by every week since... well, guess quite some time I guess.
UI that is most probably to be taken as reference, since one can check it way more often than the table at a material trader.

I don't know when it was changed, playing since end of November and got involved with Engineers in late December or even January - so aye, im a newcomer as well
Raw mats are the only materials in the game that already have a variety of robust, intuitive and fun methods by which they are gathered. Good for everyone that can make use of this guide but for me this is one of the few cases where the long way is more fun than the fast way.

Manufactured and Data, on the other hand . . .
I wouldn't call the Crystaline Shards the "fast way". The distances involved and the fact that the POI's have long respawn rate make it rather balanced, but on the harder side.
I wouldn't call the Crystaline Shards the "fast way". The distances involved and the fact that the POI's have long respawn rate make it rather balanced, but on the harder side.
But there are multiple shard sites on each body and when I got to them I was able to fill my entire storage for each of the elements without running out of shards to shoot at even one site. In fact there were so many targets on the scanner at the first one that my frame rate was stuttering and that was the week before the update.
I checked my notices and found this:
Antimony, OUTOTZ LS-K D8-3 B 5 C, Biological 4-empty, 2 still ok

Bio 4 was, lets say, half full when I got there first time - I emptied early in the second run and had to go for other spots.
Granted, there are many POIs and many other planets, but also granted, there are not many goin there.
Anyway, imo it's a better way than the relog fest you have to do for other materials - at least for now while the shards are still not a national sport.
Wait a minute... they get ripe like barnacles and then they develop the crystals?! I never had not enough of them to collect.

Btw if you bookmark the planets add a number so you later know which site you should land at. I now have bookmarks reading polonium 7, ruthenium 5 and so on.

G4/5 icon bug: they simply ignore it. It doesnt matter at the moment but in the long run it means that there is going to be some stuff that is even more precious. Maybe the guardians created artificial elements. (It cant be the bugs. It would be realy awkward if fd would introduce new thargoid created materials like they didnt want to give us everything at once. Oh wow we found some new elements, those bugs are realy smart... Pls no.)
Honestly I'm not sure this is good advice. Went out there and been SRV'ing around for 2 hours and I'm 100% sure I'd get more Polonium by traditional means on an 1G planet.

Comment deleted because I can't read; it says right in the OP that you need Biological sites, not Geological sites.
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They're talking about how the fragments take about six years to fall to ground, I think. Too bad they'll never be rad enough to just use the thrusters and catch everything in midair :cool:
Yeah, I just go to the turret, shoot anything I can see, then try and remember which direction they were in :)

(and do the thruster thing as well, obviously ;) ).

Can we advise them to 'Git Gud' yet?
2 hours? You're doing it wrong.
I think it's bugged.

There's signals everywhere, so many that it's almost impossible to distinguish them. But most times when I'm able to single out one signal and get it right in front of me, it disappears as i approach it. Then if i back up, the signal is gone like it was never there. All the signals appear to "should have been" at rocks that looks like they would have a crystal on it. But there are nothing there. I found quite a few Needles, but not "you should totally do a 30 jump tour" many.

I wonder if its bugged in the same way as mining, i.e. suddenly an asteroid will blow up because some one at the same location in another instance is actually in your instance but you can't see them.
I tried at Geo site 15 and 4.
My guess there is a bunch of people there right now. I also got kicked off the server, indicating this. :D
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