How to find gankers

I finally got pirated mining and they where nice enough to stick around so I could see if my vulture could hurt them(lol it cant) nor can I run, but whenever it is time is there a fun place you guys all hang out to practice at? (PM me if its secret, dont worry I only have 1 friend and hes never on but hes cool) Ive noticed engineer systems are hot, but I mean somewhere you guys just chill when your not working it ;)
Hey dude, most PvPers can be found in GCI discord, and you'll get plenty of good advice there no matter what your experience level is.
Just search Google for "Elite Dangerous GCI discord" and don't be scared to ask questions, most PvP guys are very helpful.
hehe I used to run cargo in my vulture when it was my only ship, I have DB scout and Keelback for it now, and a few others credits have very little value.. used my keelback in case i got pirated so I could bribe them but they want to shoot without warning and get blocked... dont mind if they do it when im in my vulture, but when your attacking a ship that cant run evade or fight well thats another story.
So I know these shield booster util. mounts stack buffing my shields but do these resistances stack for my whole shields? or just the boosted portion? The only overall stats I can find don't move and that's viewing the shield gen. in outfitting, or am I missing a better info page somewhere?
You can see your current shield, armor and resistances in the right hand menu under "ship" and then the third or fourth option "down" (no idea how it's called atm)
Yeah once I hit elite and went in that system I saw actual people playing, most times this open is a joke I never see anyone or like in that system I just get disconnected anyway so its probably for the best.. this has just been the worst as far as online play goes, it may as well be a solo game.. I see what credits are for now, just abusing this powerplay, 14k merits in 2 days and I feel stuck in this jail for 4 weeks while I wait for my guns! Everyone must do this solo too, I see next to no one even when there must be 1/2 dozen ships supplying bases..
OP, do you know Inara?

It's here:

look for security report.

Or just visit any Communit Goal, popular Engineer or Shinatra Etzetera.
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