How to save visitors stuck in enclosures?

In Jurassic Park Operation Genesis you had the option to pick up visitors from dinosaur enclosures by helicopter, so if somebody accidentally ran into the enclosures while evading dinosaurs breaking out you could rescue them even after you fixed the hole in the fence. In Jurassic World Evolution so far i found no option to save people from enclosures after i fixed the broken fence through that they got in, so they just stand in the enclosures until a dinosaur kills them.
I had this happen to me yesterday, all I did was click on the enclosure gate and open it. The guests all started walking towards it and they all walked out! Try this next time! :)

May have to tranquillise some dinos first haha
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I had one occasion where the guests ignored the open gate and just kept walking into the electric fence that they'd originally fled through, after I repaired it.
I only had that happen to me once (guests accidentally in the enclosure)...thankfully, the guests were in the enclosure with the more gentle herbivores.
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