How to switch from Oculus to Valve Index

Just taken delivery of my Valve Index, upgrading from my Oculus Rift. However... I have just realised I don't know the correct procedure for getting Elite Horizons working. I have a life time pass and have played for many years on my desktop. Switched to playing in VR with the Oculus and now want to move to the Valve. Do I uninstall oculus and ED, re-install onto my PC and then play and will the valve index just work:giggle:
or... do have have to somehow get it onto Steam (I can only see a paid version):oops:

I don't know if all this re-cabling and reorganising has fuddled my brain or perhaps I have just lost the ability to thinko_O

or am I just excited at the prospect of ED in VR again.#

Any help on the correct procedure would be most welcome.
All you need to do is to start SteamVR and then fire up Elite. Nothing changes - the game will detect that the OpenVR runtime has a live HMD (in the same way it does with the Oculus runtime) and hook up with it.

You can disable the Oculus Runtime Service in the task manager as you no longer need it.
I assume he has Elite installed through the Oculus store. I haven't made the switch myself, but doesn't he need to switch his install over to Steam?

If so, OP - go to the Frontier website, logon, and under account go to Third Party Accounts. I think you can request a Steam key there.
I wish I had just waited for your responses!
Yep... it would appear that I have messed it up somewhere along the line. I found the details at the frontier store... but I should have downloaded ED and not Horizons... I forgot that this is an expansion. With a lifetime pass these things are automatic and you forget.
I think I need to start the process again. I can see the game and my current position... but I have no sound.

HeavyGroovez... are you saying that I should just install the game onto my PC and to play the game by 1. start steamVR 2. start the game from my desktop shortcut and not through my staem library.

I used to be reasonably intelligent... I don't know whats happened to me
I just did this today, too.

1) Active all the Steam codes at
2) In Steam, install Elite: Dangerous. Horizons shows up as DLC which you should install.
3) Launch Elite from Steam.
4) Enjoy the dramatically better visuals!
No sound is a common index problem until you manually select Nvidia/Amd high definition audio from task bar in sound options.
I can get it to auto de-select when finishing with Index but I can't get it to auto select when it starts!
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