HUD Element Switching / HUD Customization

Greetings, Frontier Developments, I would like to suggest a feature that could be implemented between now and 2020: Customization of the Ship's HUD.
No ship is like the other, so why should it's HUD be? Different Manufacturers, Commanders, Purposes. For that reason, I would like to suggest the ability to move around and change out Elements of the HUD, like moving the radar around, showing and hiding elements like target information, scaling elements up and down etc. This could be accessible via the Ship Livery. Every newly Purchased ship should have the normal HUD, and every Ship should be able to have it's own HUD Layout. As an addition, HUD Coloring could be added into the game.
I know many who would appreciate that feature and I am 100% sure that it will benefit the game. You should try to keep players in the game, you can't expect them to stay until 2020 with zero information given.
I hope you take my Idea into consideration. o7
this feature is more than just convenient, it could also be an accessibility feature. especially the colors. they're absolutely horible for people with certain forms of color blindness as well as having very poor contrast for other types of visual empairment.
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