[humor]The first ever player-built (huge) planetary settlement in ED universe! =)

!!! UPDATE !!!
HERE is also available:
1) full investigation overview
2) step-by-step guide to build the city of your own
3) project related proposal

... 4th attempt. Here are some original (non-modified) in-game screenshots taken an hour ago on planet Kumay in Chi Herculis system:

31 unique "habitation" instances (and more than 50 total - have not really counted)

The idea of this project has been established as a side activity after completing the official route of The First Great Planetary Expedition.
The site is available (at least up to now) for players in "Open" mode (commander "Dja Co-P" is the site/instance keeper)

How this was done (prerequsites):
1) 2 commanders in Open/(PG?)
2) semi-persistent "search-zone" contact for one of them
3) relogs-relogs-relogs....
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While this was an awesome experiment, I would rather FD got round to fixing the instancing. Though five years down the line that's probably being a bit too hopeful... :D
There's some strange planning rules on Kumay - all of those buildings are orientated the same way.
It's not only on Kumay =) I'm not sure if it was changed during the last years, but originally all planetary settlements are oriented with pi/2 precision along their axes
While this was an awesome experiment, I would rather FD got round to fixing the instancing. Though five years down the line that's probably being a bit too hopeful... :D
agree with you =) However this particular case of "city building" imo is not the case of "instancing" issue but - I've grew very suspicious on that matter during my "search zone" generation study - some possible issue with my particular commander. Quite a while ago I've asked FD support to check/clean up my mission stack and I have an impression that they are not fully succeeded in that task.
I think it is time that player owned planetary bases and space platforms should be allowed (FD hope you are reading this) as long as the owner has no control over who is and is not allowed to land.
Just landed. :)

Does anyone else have framerate issues here? They drop quite badly for me in places. Don't know if it's the instancing or the buildings, though most likely the instancing I guess.
Mine are dropped to ~40 for both commanders. However taking into account that in fact (beside planet surface and so on) we have ~100 instances of search zone "habitation" there (and while some of them are exactly on the same places I assume their geometries are all taken into account). Also this results in ~200 skimmers and ~500 different commodities - and all this on the area ~20 km wide=)
That was good fun. I picked up loads of data from the bases, and some bounties (including for myself :) ). I'll probably be online tomorrow evening - how long are you planning on keeping the city up? I logged out while landed in the middle of it still.
I'm on my way there after cleaning up bounties - and my alt "keeper" is still there. Will try to "summon" a bit more of them. Can not promise but I plan to fuel up the keeper and - may be - leave it there for the night. And yes, for those who don't care about bounties/fines this can be an interesting opportunity to get some amount of data-type materials (hmm, doubt that of a big grade, however) without the need to relog dozens of times....
I just spent an hour going round the bases and swatting skimmers and scanning data points. In that time, I picked up 80 data. I also picked up some bounties (both on me and for me :) ), but cleared those afterwards. It's quite entertaining just going from one base to another and swatting the skimmers with rails before scanning the data points.
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