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The dinosaurs who have no spikes or horns are always killed whenever the carnivore is hungry but to be honest I'm not fond of the feature where the Predator catches the prey off-guard all the time in the game. I think what needs to be changed is the carnivore not always being successful in a hunt, and show us a Chase feature where dinosaurs like Gallimimus and Edmontosaurus and other defenseless medium and Small dinosaurs would have a chance at escaping death by running as fast as they can and the carnivores ambushing their prey hidden in the trees like how real animals would hunt ambushing and Chasing their prey and are only 30% Successful in a hunt. Operation Genesis had this feature and I hope this game would implement the feature where the non horned and spiked dinosaurs would be able to run and Escape rather than always being killed off. Frontier this is a feature I hope you can fix with the next update.
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