I have a theory!

What group is most known for tech in the game and would create a utopian dystopia... 8\

I was being extremely blunt.
That's what i'm trying to find out.At the moment, i'm torn between Spinal Tap and Wild Stallions.If by blunt you meant opaque, i would agree.
Apparently overwhelmingly obvious clues aren't obvious to people today.. 8\

I won't explain it then. Utopias are too complex for you people to diagnose.
My theory is that all leaders have been replaced by bioandroids and we live in a utopian distopia. There is only one group obnoxious enough to mindlessly replace humans with androids and run the galaxy and you can guess who they are. Seemingly weak and under pressure to keep them out of the highlight and never seem obvious. All while they are running it while trying to reinact as many stupid things from the past version of the internet as possible with everyones life while not having a thought, or the capacity to have one, about a thing they do! 8D
The little White Mice?
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