I learned something today (lozenge shape)

So when Elite D was in beta, (beta 2 or was it beta 3) the map was expanded to apparently a lozenge shape.

I never questioned it, the shape was like a werthers original sweet shape , however it was bought to my attention today that that is not a lozenge shape at all...... a lozenge is actually a diamond shape

so there you go, my pointless thought for the day....

along with FD not knowing what shape a Dodecahedron is (I put a support ticket in about that many years ago about that error on their front page... the Dodo station is not in Elite D yet ;) )

it turns out they do not know the shape of a lozenge - and neither did I.
A post showing the early game pill shaped area:
Lozenge as a shape is, as you say, diamondy.

But the OED specifically states that a medicinal lozenge was originally that shape, but there is no stated requirement for it to be that way now.

A small medicinal tablet, originally in the shape of a lozenge, taken for sore throats and dissolved in the mouth.
A medicinal lozenge can be any shape, really. I would say that Strepsils are lozenges and they're circular (or, more accurately, cylindrical).
Surely a lozenge, if it's a pill, can be any shape, as lozenge is also the word for a medicinal tablet. :)

(And to come clean - that was the only definition I actually knew before this thread, so thanks for that! I didn't know it could refer to a shape at all)

It was always "the pill" AFAIK.
obviously it was just a light hearted post however just to prove i dont always talk crap, tho i did hear it more than just that i think. back then i never missed an interview, dev post or what ever, i was pretty obsessed - even more than now ;)

DB: It’s to do with the shape of the area we’re expanding into. So we’re extending it from a sphere of systems to a sort of lozenge that expands towards unexplored space, because we want to slice through space but we don’t yet want to get into many of the central systems. There’s a lot more to come on those systems that we haven’t really done yet, the obvious one being Earth.
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