I Made My Own Ride! .......i call it = ''SPINE BUS-TER''

Ok, this is a 2-footprint-ride. A first one for Frontier when they buy the expensive design from me. :)

The main body is a One-piece-Heavy-duty-Aircraft-Aluminium-Tube. Steel-parts inside to keep it all long-lasting.
A classic Counterweight makes it function without much energy needed. Hydralics lifts the ride and Hydralics Brakes the controlled fall.. A small motor in the bus turns the bus in 55 Degrees in both directions.....So it's Center. Left, and Right position.

First the bus is lifted slowly 1 meter, and then the bus is rotated 55 Degrees, or not all all. Now the hydralics lifts the bus scary fast. At the 75 Degree angle the Whole Arm Stops really fast. This makes the bus start to swing in a scary fast way.

After some swings it's braked. and the hole Arm falls down in a controlled FAST SCARY way down to the main-foot-print Hydralic brakes and stops 1 meter from the platform... It Repeats the whole thing. One time up and down in every 125-180-235 degrees angles of the bus...............After the final Braking, the arm is lowered down the last 1 meter.

BTW, There is roller-coaster-seats in the Bus-shell, and the bus has No floor...The guests thinks there is a floor when they walk in, but the floor is welded onto the main platform.

The chains are there in case the bus-roof-axle should brake. And the chain-sounds makes it all sound cooler.
The last 2 pics is where i placed the Ride in my park.
Source: https://imgur.com/jxlQAsn

Source: https://imgur.com/zzE8daD

Source: https://imgur.com/9FYlNFw

Source: https://imgur.com/dsANOpo

Source: https://imgur.com/jsYontc

Source: https://imgur.com/B0Uhj1z

Source: https://imgur.com/enoAa62

Source: https://imgur.com/Ej5xqBy
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