I miss EDDB

Eddb is not coming back. Something else may sort of replicate it but it's nothing to do with Themroc. In the meantime use Spansh and inara to find information.

what really sucks to is edtools and some others relied on the eddb api and are now also dead

The only saving grace is well, inara is actually pretty good for doing whatever. I use the market connector app and its real easy to dock around and help update the data on the site.

seriously tho, RIP eddb. Lowkey I'm upset the dude was all, wanting to sell the site then just being like nah it's mine and I'm turning it off. For real, in some universe he could have just given the keys to Frontier or literally anyone with enough reddit score or whatever and at worst we'd have EDDB with ads.

it'll be ok

use inara
EDPN is hopefully coming.

EDDB has been shut down as announced in the beggining of April. Therefore, me and a group of other developers have started working on a replacement for it called EDPN (Elite Dangerous Pilots Network)

We currently have a team of around 20 verified developers, but this will also be an open source project which means that everyone will be able to contribute if they want to.

This project is still in its early stages though and a programming stack has not yet been decided, but will be soon.
I remember the times where I had a map catalogue lying below my passenger seat in my car, and then those times where I printed out travel routes. I would not want to go back to that. And I also don't want to devolve into a galaxy without Inara ;).
I remember that you could ask the AA and probably the RAC and they would produce a detailed route list for you that would be pages long, they would also do them for foreign trips and I heard of someone ending up receiving boxes of notes for a road trip in either the US or Australia.
he could have just given the keys to Frontier or literally anyone with enough reddit score or whatever and at worst we'd have EDDB with ads.
Themroc literally explained why he closed instead of handing over. The website barely worked, with spaghetti code that would make anyone feel ashamed of saying "I wrote this". He was proud about the effects of the tool, but not the tool itself after learning how to properly code (by working on EDDB and other stuff), and he wasn't feeling like running it anymore.

I'll miss the clean, easy to use UI, and better accuracy for commodities and outfitting when compared to Inara (EDDB never sent me on a useless travel to sell ores, but Inara had sent me on dozens even with last updates in the minutes). Heck, I remember that whenever I docked somewhere with long time since last update, EDDB would immediately fetch the data I sent via EDDLite to EDDN, EDSM and Inara and it would update the website at the same time (but never witnessed the same behavior on Inara). I'm glad Themroc put the work in it, even if he wasn't proud of the code below. At lest Inara has been more acurrate recently, almost makes me stomach that "feels like mobile app" UI.

Just wonder if the EDPN crew is going strong (but I can't be bothered to use Discord, so meh)
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