i request a follow up on frontiers panther LX

hey frontier can u shrink the ship at least because 3 years ago it was supposed to happen maybe shrink it to 200m and height 35 m because it was supposed to happen unknown if it will but please make it because we need a new cargo ship

have the headline be we have the ships to defeat the thargoids but we need (THE) ship to get materials to the pilots that battle the thargoids
i mean is it terrible to bring it up now i say no because of the thargoids and we can transport material to bases for fighting the enemy,
i mean who wouldn't want to fly this ship in space
after 3 years


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Type 7 also need shrinkage. Was clearly supposed to be the king of the medium pad traders.

I'd prefer the hangar was made big enough.
I can agree with that wholeheartedly...would unseat Python as the 'does everything best medium ship' and at least make the Type-7 a sensible purchase. I still contend the poor thing needs more hardpoints such that it can be outfitted as a solid upper-end mining ship.

I dunno jack about the Panther...this game is my first in the series. Image looks badass, though, and who doesn't like more ships?
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