Ideas for the game to be perfect !

Firstly flat rides is an area which the game does well in quality wise, however they just need a few more so all parks dont have the standard few. Also, it would be nice if you could have a set amount of time for a part of the sequence, for example the sundial ride could swing anti clockwise for 3 swings and clockwise for 5 swings. This could be something that makes rides a little more exiting and helps them be higher throughput wise. Another thing that may help the overall appeal to flat rides is a little more customiseation in lighting, so the user can choose the colours, if they are on or not. The lights could also be replaced for a cost in the park management side of this.
Now for some recomendations for some flat rides:
1. Evolution [Fabbri]
2. Launch Freefall/S&S shot tower - Customise settings/hight
3. More kids/family rides
- Rockin Tug
- Small Disk O ride
- Jumping Frog
- Miami ride
4. Fabbri Booster/ there new style Propeller
5. Kamikaze ride - We all saw that cool looking one in the trailer, we know its there [wink]
6. Top Swing/Afterburn - Also in the first trailer and it looked pretty cool [happy]
7. Tagada ride [Profit machine [wacky]]
8. Mondial top scan
9. Huss Break dance
10. Huss booster
11. Custom hight star flyer
Also, a few more funfair style rides wouldnt hurt, A twist, Bungee ect.

Rollercoaster time! - Also, ability to train staff to level 4/5 that operate rides to unload faster and let people on whilst people are exiting, atleast if the exit is on the oposite side of the enterance.

Vekoma SLC on vekoma track
Zamperla Volaire
4 person El Loco Car
Vekoma moto bike coaster
Arrow suspended swinging coaster
GCI trains on wood coaster
New/Old intamin blitz/launch coaster with cable or LIM/LSM launch
Mack mega coaster
Cobras Curse style ride
Infinity coaster [Like the smiler]
8/6 people trains for dive coaster -- Make the train costs lower

Lastly, improved supports on loops, mainly to the B&M tracks. Wooden coasters need support work too as there is alot of preset inversions that have literal head choppers.

Last feature: On ride photos, and a photo stall must be placed around the exit area of a ride.

- Alpine
- Spooky
- Apocalypse
- Roman
- African
- Stronger steam punk

theres so many more, put i would really like them few alot

Also theres the features like working tables/picknic bench's and stuff but I know frontier will do that. More entertainers would be nice too, not just the mascots for the food/gift brands. Fast pass prices should also be able to vary per ride :p
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