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First I just want to say to moderators if this post is not allowed I am sorry and you can delete it.

Hey guys. My name is Jordan Choklad (polimerjones). I am a frequent visitor of these forums and while I don't post much I read most threads and watch all of the videos that the developers post. I am also an early bird purchaser. Right now there is a contest going on for Just Cause 3 and I figured since this is another great community that I am part of I would ask for some help getting votes. If you have a facebook or twitter account and go to this page you can vote for my design. My design should be near the top with my name at the bottom. If you click the design and click the heart to vote it will ask you to sign in which is where you can choose to use a twitter or facebook account. After you log in you may need to click the design again and click the heart to make sure it turns a yellow/orange color.

If anyone would like to help a fellow community member I sure would be appreciative. If you vote could you please reply back in this so I can thank you.
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