Parks Illusia Wonders

Hello everyone! I bring you my latest theme park, Illusia Wonders!
This is a challenge park that is being played on the medium difficulty. The theme of this park is magic, illusions and art so expect to see a colourful and hopefully strange and interesting park by the end of this!

To begin, here is the park entrance being showcased at night with all of the lights.

Next up we have the main entrance statue in both a night and day version.

Keep heading North and you will cross the River of Ooze to reach a small plaza filled with shops and buildings.

Veer to the right of the plaza and you will come across this creepy abandoned building. There is something suspicious going on in this building.

Below the building in the basement there are some experiments going on. (Probably not the best angle to showcase the ride but you get the idea). The Psychola ride in Illusia Wonders is known as Torture Lab and is located in a partially hidden dungeon connected to the abandoned house.

Next update: A cafe and some images of the magical River of Ooze!
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The River of Ooze

It's time for a big post! Showcasing the River of Ooze!

The entrance into Illusia Woods, a mysterious and magical forest covered in mist.

The beginning of the River of Ooze

Under the queue!

Through the magical woods

Under a bridge

Going underground

An eerie science experiment takes place

The Kraken!