Impact of spires contamination missions

I'm looking for information on the effects of Thargoid spires contamination missions on the war. I heard that it makes it easier to counter the recovery of controlled or invaded systems. Is this correct? Do you have any statistics on this?

Thank you for your help.
Spire contamination missions - and anything else you can do at a spire site - add a flat progress boost to the outer ten systems of a maelstrom, whether they're in Alert, Invasion or Control state.

This boost caps out at 85% progress so needs to be finished off with conventional attacks unless an outermost system contains a spire site itself - then, this progress can go all the way to 100% in that system, which is the only way to recapture a Control system containing a spire. It doesn't matter in that case whether the attacks are on the outermost spire or a separate inner one - the progress is the same either way.
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