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Please clarify: Squadrons and Fleet Carriers are no longer Free as part of Chapter 4 but part of premium content to sometime be released in 2019?
Shame really things get delayed but if past is evidence, that's sometimes is for good. Also huge thanks Zac for finally delivering this update! It was long overdue.
SO let me get this straight... The games not doomed?!!!

Sorry, had to do the obligatory post... :D

Sounds good, I thought y'all were biting off a lot with the original scope of the Beyond and a paid update, hopefully this will allow Q4 to be even better, if somewhat reduced. Looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.


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Are you suggesting that is coming in Beyond - Chapter Four or speculating for the next era of Elite after Beyond?

Yes, exploration is still a key part of the update in Chapter Four and it won't be too long before we're ready to start showing some of the great work the devs have been working on.
In Chapter Four :D Someone had to suggest it :)

On a serious note though, I'm glad you're going to start showing things soon, because the Exploration Focused Feedback Forum, is over 2 months late and most of us are convinced it's not even going to happen now.

Zac Antonaci

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Thank you for sharing this information. For me it has been a nearly 500 hour ride with Elite and I am looking forward to the future with excitement after reading this post. I will happily continue supporting the game, regardless of whether the updates are free or not. I got more than enough of my money's worth. Thank you!
That's awesome to hear. Thank you!
Look I just want to know one thing about the paid content

How much it will cost?
When will it be out?
And will you take my money?

cheers for the free beyond stuff so far..... bought a jack o'lantern bobble head with the money I saved


PS Can we have a kerbal bobblehead? my money is wanting to say 'goodbye' to me :D
I don't usually write on forums but...? to be honest I am deeply disappointed. Can't even find the words to describe it. Elite was a game that I loved, that I thought to be the best game I ever bought... this is not what that game represented back when I bought it. I am sorry, i know the amount of work and love you put into the game, but this is simply unnacceptable.
Speculation is the mother of all rumours Zac :)

So, I see Chapter 4 being an extension of what we have with new elements for teamplay. Maybe even a civil war in the Alliance?

The unnamed era sounds interesting. If squadron carriers (speculation rising) cannot be introduced in chapter 4, I suspect its down to how the game works (P2P) and how such connectivity is too "fragile" across the player base for it to be a viable. Therefore (rumour control at full volume here) we may be looking at a complete new approach to multi-player provision and a move away from P2P and into the realms of "other games" methods of delivery. Once up and running then we get the introduction of carriers (rumour mill now smoking as the gears overheat) as paid for content.

Maybe space legs too (not my favourite mode but it keeps the speculation ambling along) and....nukes?

I'm off to pour mineral oil onto the cogs at the rumour mill, we cannot let this opportunity to create higher levels of speculation pass.
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