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Will Flanagan

Product Manager
Greetings commanders,

You might have received a new email from us recently explaining that we'll need you to re-register your email with us if you want to continue to receive emails from Frontier Developments. If you haven't received it, check the details below because you can land yourself a free decal and Anaconda Paint Job for simply signing up!

From time to time we’d like to send you news, offers and discounts about things that we think might be relevant to you. In order to continue receiving emails from us, we’ll need you to complete our super-simple sign up form here.

We understand that completing an email sign up form isn’t quite as exciting as being hyperdicted by a Thargoid Medusa or completing that final run to rank up that extra tier in a Community Goal, so we’re giving everyone who completes the form a free decal and Anaconda Paint Job, just for signing up! It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of this very awesome community.

We always want you to enjoy receiving emails from us whether it’s newsletters, big announcements or special discounts of upcoming games but if you ever decide you don’t want to receive emails, you can unsubscribe at any time - just follow the link at the bottom of any email we send.

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How does this work, exactly? My email address that I actually monitor is not the same email address that would be registered to my CMDR through Xbox Live. So how do I get the decal & paint job?
Done for both of my accounts!

I wonder if I'll get the free paintjob and decal on my Xbox account too, it uses the same email as my first PC account. I started on Xbox and then switched to the PC* using the same email without thinking how that might entangle the accounts.

*Well Mac until Horizons pushed me to build a gaming PC.
Could you please tell your web team to put such stuff behind HTTPS? You have a wildcard certificate for already.

Defo agree with the above from ShadowDancer...

I also noticed that the website you wish us to input personal information onto is not secure. Once it is then I'll sign up again. Not going to put my personal details into an unsecured webpage - that's just asking for trouble.

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